Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

It's been awhile since I have updated our blog... I was on a roll for awhile and then I felt like I was updating too much so I got burned out. Things are going great for us down south. The weather has stayed warm until a few days ago when it dropped into the 30's at night and the 40's and 50's during the day. I know what most of you are thinking... "thats still really warm for October", but hello, when you are uesd to the 70's and 80's and it just drastically drops, it feels pretty cold! I had to put the space heater in Crew's room so he doesnt wake up with icy fingers. It should warm up again soon.

I got a job working as a tutor for children with autism for a company called Positive ABA. It is something I can do that uses my teaching degree while increasing my knowledge of both autism and positive behavior management. It will be very part time (probably between 10 and 15 hours a week) and it is super flexible. Basically I will make my own schedule and I work one on one with a kiddo or two in their home. If I need to skip a day the hours can be made up any time that month. I have been working on getting Crew to take a bottle and also get him on a napping schedule (he went a few weeks with only take short tiny naps and it was tough). He is doing great now and I feel confident that this job will be good for our family. Bri is going to watch him on his days off and my neighbor will watch him when we need her to. It will just be nice to have a few "ME" hours each week where I put my education to use. Plus it will be a great way to earn some extra $ for our home renovations (or maybe a vacation fund!;)) I am not sure when I will start, we are waiting on some finalizations for the new families I will be working with.

We are taking our first trip on a plane in November, when we go out to Kansas to see my grandparents, Brian is coming too. Then I fly to Nashville for a few extra days with just Crew to see my sister. I am way excited for both parts of the trip, it will be so fun to spend time with family. Then for Thanksgiving my awesome inlaws are flying out to be with us and I cannot wait for that either, they are so great! Crew has changed so much since they saw him in June I wonder if they will recognize him! ;)

I was bored tonight so I took some picts of Crew in his Halloween costume. He is pretty much the cutest lion I have ever seen! Brian has to work Sat for Halloween but we are going to an 80's Halloween party and I bought some sweet digs and I guess he will just be an 80's lion since I have had the costume for awhile. We are taking the kids trick or treating first, and don't judge me but I bought a bucket to collect candy for me! He will be 6 months in November and is getting so big. Last I weighed him he is 18 lbs and wearing 6-9 month clothes already! Wow! I have started him on solid foods a little and he likes it alright. I dont blame him for pulling faces when I stick the green beans in his mouth, I have tasted the stuff and its pretty terrible! He will like the other kinds more I am sure. Not quite sure why I started with the green beans, seems pretty cruel now that I think about it.

Things are just great and I am sure I will write more soon!