Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy August

So I am horrible with keeping up this blog. It has been a long time and so much has happened. I can't believe it is August already! We have had such a fun and busy summer, things are now slowing down and wrapping up so I figured it was time for an update. We are expecting baby # 2 the end of December, although I am hoping to have her on or around the 20th because I would love to have her home by Christmas. That is right, HER, its a girl oh yeah baby we are so excited to have a sweet little girl in our house. I love my boy more than anything but I was really hoping for a girl so I could have one of each that way later if I have all boys or all girls I won't have to worry about not getting one or the other. Plus now Crew won't feel so competitive, especially as they get a little older. I am just so thrilled. We had the ultrasound a few days ago. Thinking we are gonna name her Briley Nicole. We really like Briley and kinda came across it with our first baby because we were trying to find different Brian/Ashley combinations. And I just love my best friend and sister who both have the name Nicole (well Christy's middle name is Nicole), plus its a beautiful name!

We had a slew of vacations early this spring/summer. It started off with my awesome sister Christy flying out from Nashville (6 months pregnant at the time) and we drove to San Diego for a two night three day trip there. It was our first time going there and we had so much fun! Crew loved the beach and really enjoyed watching the waves with Daddy. I loved how beautiful and well kept all the houses and yards were. We all loved shopping at the fabulous outlets they have there, especially Coach (well I loved that one especially:)). We ate at some great restaraunts and Christy took some fabulous new family pictures for us. (see above) Thanks Christy you are amazing. It was a short but wonderful trip and I can't wait to go again, its only a 7 hr drive from where we live. I am hoping to go back one more time before the baby comes.

Right before she left, to kick off Crew's birthday celebration we did a cake smash and got some awesome pictures. That boy loves cake something fierce! Before we left for Utah we had a party for him here at our house with our Arizona friends and were touched by the number of people that showed up. So grateful to have such good friends and so happy Crew has lots of kids around his age to play with!

For our next trip we drove back to Utah and got to spend time with Brian's family. His brother Jason and wife Celeste came back too from Maine with their two girls plus their new sweet baby girl. His other brother Jon and wife Sarah live there too so we got to see the whole family it was so wonderful to spend time with everyone. Crew has his actual birthday while we were there and we had another party for him. Yes, he had two parties plus a cake smash at the age of one. Hope he doesn't get used to that! :) We really wish we lived closer to family although we love our home and friends here as well. Crew loved playing with his cousins and spending time with Grandma and Papa! I was just getting started with my pregnancy nausea though during that trip which made it a little more difficult, but we had a great time none-the-less. Can't wait to hopefully see everyone again next summer!

My last trip I did solo with Crew, as Brian was about out of leave. I flew to Washington to spend time with my mom and best friend Nicole. It was a tad stressful flying with Crew by myself, especially since all he wanted to do was crawl around the plane and airport and had a very hard time sitting still. But we made it safe and sound. Nicole and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert while I was there. We went and saw her years ago at the Idol concertand had such a great time it was wonderful to be able to go again and see how much she has even improved from that. She is such an amazing singer and performer. I loved sharing that with my best friend and I miss her very much. Her husband got into medical school in Phillidelphia and they are moving there very shortly. I am planning on going there with the whole family in May, to see them and get to explore New York and Washington DC, both only an hour away!!! Make room for us Nicole :)! So proud of how hard they have worked to get to this point and excited for their new fresh start in the East. Its so exciting to be in a new city with no other friends or family to rely on. Good luck guys!

Brian's work is going great. He has been doing some work with the Intell guys at his station and is really enjoying it. He went to days recently and I must say that after 9 months of swings its nice to have him home for dinner and on a regular schedule again. He hopes one day to move to a criminal investigator position and has been exploring several agencies.

Wow so I feel like I am writing a Christmas letter, which is funny cause its August and I have never even done a Christmas letter before. Just trying to update, sorry if I am rambling. Crew is getting so big, he will be 15 months on Monday. He is not walking yet but pulls himself up and walks around anything he can get his fingers on. He has let go a few times and taken a few independent steps but then falls over and won't try again for awhile. I figure when he is ready he will just take off. He spends lots of time with other kids his age who walk and they provide good examples for him:). I am working with two kids right now, still with Positive ABA. I work three days a week totalling 12 hours, so my work schedule is definitely not overwhelming. Its nice to get out of the house. Brian watches Crew one day, then my neighbor watches him another and on the last day of every week I usually alternate between a few friends. He gets a good variety of experiences with different people and children, and I get a chance to make a bit of extra money while keeping current on my teaching skills. Its a job I really enjoy and I hope to keep it once I have the new baby.

We have had a very nice monsoon season this year, so I haven't had to water much lately which has been great, but the weeds are out of control. I sprayed finally a few days ago and it took me hours. Yard work is not my favorite when its hot and I am pregnant. Brian definitely helps when he can but he works such long days its hard to find the time.

Well I think this post is long enough, if you made it through the whole thing congratulations, sorry for rambling on. Most people post at least once a month, so I figure I post every 8 months and I will just make it longer posts! :) I will try to do it more often now that I am caught up to date. Pregnancy is treating me well, I was a lot sicker with this baby and if that is any indication to my boy vs girl pregnancies (I was hardly nauseas at all with Crew), then I don't mind if the rest of my kids are boys. I am finally feeling better though, but still feel very emotional most of the time. I get angry and frustrated fast and it has been hard on me (plus I am sure on Brian and Crew- although Brian understands and Crew won't remember:)). Oh well a baby girl at the end of it will be so amazing I won't even remember how miserable I have been! I always look at girl clothes and get excited, now I can start buying them! YAY!!!

Hope all is well with everyone! I dont remember how to stagger the pictures throughout the post so please excuse the mixture at the top.