Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Independent Woman

Well lately I have been trying to be more independent, especially since Brian works 50 hours a week and I am home all day with Crew. Let's be honest, I simply have more time to get things done. There have been a few things I have been waiting for him to do, and finally I decided to do them myself. This is not to knock Brian because he works very hard and to be honest when he gets home I want him to spend time with me, not doing chores. So first off a few weeks ago I decided to recaulk the shower and I did an awesome job, I even reinstalled the soap dispenser that fell off the wall (I used grout and everything!). This may not seem like a big deal to some, but I am proud cause I have never done anything like that and I did it without help or supervision (Crew did watch but he made no suggestions). Then I have had no stroller for the last few days because I had a flat and I have been bugged cause I miss running in the mornings. So we bought a tire fix kit and I repaired it all by myself yesterday (granted, Brian had to tell me to take the tube out... who knew there was a tube in the tire?). So here I am, feeling all empowered, and today I felt like cleaning out the pool and putting in the chemicals. Usually Brian changes the filter, but I figured it out and I was still feeling like doing more. I looked in the shed and I saw the ant killer we have had forever and never used (we have a ton of red fire ants). They have never bothered us so we have been lazy and not used it. I sprinkled it all over the hive or hill or hole is probably the most likely term since thats all it is. To make a short story long, I got bit by a fire ant and it HURT SO BAD!!! I have never been bit by one and only stung a few times by a bee and that was years ago, but I swear this hurts worse.

So basically I am mad cause my toe feels like its gonna fall off and I have learned a lesson that anything Brian can do I can do better, but if it involves bugs or animals or dangerous chemicals I will still let him take care of it.

Crew was laughing this morning, I wish we had a video camera to record it. Our regular camera takes short clips but I have no idea how to get the videos onto the computer. He is basically a doll. I spend about 97 percent of my time in awe at how adorable and wonderful he is and about 3 percent staring at him in horror wishing he would stop crying. I figure its a pretty fair trade! ;) Hope all is well, more later.


  1. I'm so glad you are a blogger now! Your son is beautiful and I love the red ant story!

  2. You go girl!!! You make me proud! Love you!