Thursday, August 27, 2009

They all rolled over and one fell out

Ok so Crew hasn't fallen off the bed or anything yet, but I thought this action sequence was pretty cute. His newest thing is rolling over, he has only done it a few times. He likes the element of surprise when it happens, and its almost as if he forgets he can do it after and its all new again the next time. I took him swimming for the first time today at an indoor pool and he loved it. What a natural! ;) I also went to a Heritage Maker's party hosted by a friend of mine. It is a great way to make story books and scrap book pages to tell your legacy and store memories. I think I will make a book for the Crewser. I left him with Brian for some father/son bonding. Brian did great and they had a good time, but when I got home he was smiley and giggly and I will be honest, it makes a mom feel good.

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