Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So the other day I decided my ceiling fan (pictured above) was disgusting and outdated, so instead of buying a new one the frugal girl I am just bought new light shades and removed the wicker from the blades and spray painted it black. VOILA (ok I have no clue how to spell that)! It looks much better in our room and it only cost $20. We were so inspired we bought all new wood blinds to replace the white and blue cheap metal ones that were all dirty and gross... another improvement that is making our house look better. Next we are planning on doing concrete counter-tops. I am also going to be painting some furniture black to better match our dark brown couches and bedding (they are light wood right now). We decided a little at a time doesnt break the bank and it will make our house nicer and easier to sell. Also, we bought new lights for the bathrooms and some kind of mirror framing kit to make it look like a real mirror and not just the glass part. I will let you know how that looks.
Crew is doing great, he is getting bigger every day its amazing. He laughs and smiles all the time, which warms my heart. Brian didn't get this 1 year detail he had applied for and we are a tiny bit disappointed, but the last spot was between him and another guy who had 10 years at the job and had lots of experience, so it says a lot about Bri that they were comparable. Keep up the good work baby!

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